Bathmate first hit the market in 2004 when Mr John Oakes developed a hydro pump designed to increase the size of a man’s penis. It’s is produced in the UK using precision engineering of robots to ensure the very highest quality product possible.

Instinctively, quite a few of us tend to have some doubts when we first even think about using a gadget to enlarge our penis. Safety is always of paramount importance, and it really helps if we can trust the manufacturer’s brand.

The good news with Bathmate is that its reputation is quite stellar. The Bathmate brand has been around since 2006, and that’s more than enough time for them to establish their rep. It also helps that Bathmate has already sold more than a million of their hydro pump units. Surely, if these pumps were unsafe or ineffective, people would know by now.

It helps that the brains working in Bathmate all know what they’re doing. John Edwin Oakes is the Chief Designer and he has a Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. He also has more than 35 years of experience in just about every aspect of automated engineering and manufacturing.

In fact, Oakes developed his hydrotherapy pump to help his friend. That friend wasn’t simply looking for a way to enlarge his penis. The friend was an athlete who suffered a serious spinal injury from a motorcycle accident. Consequently, he could no longer have and keep an erection.

Oakes developed the hydro pump design as a better alternative to all the standard penis pumps of the time. He reasoned that, since the penis is itself an organ that operates hydraulically (with liquids flowing in and out of it during erections), it makes more sense to use water instead of air to create the needed vacuum to exert pressure.

Bathmate is made in the UK, SEO quality control isn’t a problematic issue. They use highly-trained workers to create the hydro pumps, using only the highest quality materials. These include premium stainless steel and high-strength polycarbonate