6 Things You Should Know About The Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm

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There’s a lot you can know about a female orgasm. For one, it feels the same as the guy’s, except she’s usually not ejaculating anything. There are some girls who can squirt, but most girls cannot. In order to make her orgasm more, you gotta know what it’s like for her. And what you can do to help her get there. There’s nothing sexier when she’s coming at the same time as you.

Not every girl can orgasm through sex alone.

Unfortunately, plain fucking doesn’t help most girls orgasm. Some have more pleasurable vaginas, that are more sensitive to touch, much like their clit — but a lot of girls do not. You need clitoral simulation to get her off, which brings us to #2.

The clit is more like the penis than the vagina.

Most (like over 50%) of orgasms are made through the clit, not the vagina. Make sure you focus on her clit if she’s not one of those types that can come through just vaginal sex alone. The #1 way for girls to come is through the use of a vibrator. The #2 is through oral, so don’t lack out on that.

Her vulva contracts and expands so you can feel it when she comes.

You should be able to know when she’s coming and when she’s faking it. Her vagina will contract several times when she’s coming, and it’s almost in like a squeezing motion. When she is coming, try to not keep fucking, and try to get into her as deep as possible.

When it’s time, it feels like she’s about to pee.

She will feel like she’s about to pee, but it’s just normal.

Very rarely (<15%) of girls can squirt.

What you see in porn isn’t always what’s expected in real life. If she’s not a squirter, she could always learn, but it’s not a common thing.

She can orgasm several times during sex.

Unlike guys who need time to recooperate, girls can go at it several times, and they can orgasm several times as well! Aren’t you envious now?

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