Explore our range of Bathmate Accessories

In order to enhance your experience of using Bathmate Hydro Pumps the company have introduced a whole range of accessories. Designed to make using your Hydro Pump easier, safer and more comfortable, these accessories are made to the same exacting standards as the Bathmate Hydro Pumps and, as you have come to expect from Bathmate, have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are dermatologically friendly and will withstand many years of correct usage.

Check our Bathmate  Accessories Bellow:

UltraMale Kit

The most advanced hydropump kit. UltraMale kit is everything you need


Brand-new way to get even better performance with your penis pump.

MaxOut Serum

Bathmate Max Out is the world’s first serum designed to enhance jelqing results

Power Ring

Power Rings are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an effective pumping