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How to measure your penis correctly...

To get the most out of your Hydromax

Measure the length of your penis

Measure your erect penis with a ruler pressed lightly onto your pubic bone. You`ll find a ruler is easier than a tape measure.

Record the measurement from the pubic bone right up to the tip of your penis.

Measure the girth (Circumference) of your penis

Measure the circumference of your erect penis around the middle of your shaft

You’ll find a tailors tape measure is easiest, but a piece of string wrapped round and then measured against a ruler after will do.

We have 3 different ranges. Our entry range of pumps, Bathmate, has two different models.

Our entry model is the Bathmate Hercules and our biggest model is the Bathmate Goliath. We have a more advanced range of hydropumps, the Hydromax. The Hydromax X20 is the smallest unit we produce, the X30 is the same size of the Hercules but with extra features and around 35% more power than the original Hercules pump. The mid-sized model is the Hydromax X40. We also have both the Hydromax X30 and X40 available in an Xtreme range (The XX30 and XX40), which includes a full range of accessories and a hand ball attachment to get even more power, for more advanced users.

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If you claim a refund for your first 60 days and later decide you want to re-purchase, this offer will no longer be available. This is necessary to avoid abuse of the offer.


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