The second generation of hydropumps range

The Bathmate Hydromax series is the world’s most effective hydro vacuum erection device on the market. Fueled by water instead of air, the patented Hydromax pump provides consistent pressure around the penis, allowing for uniform expansion of the tissues. This revolutionary design increases the size and girth of the penis with long-term results. The Hydromax also improves penile blood flow, which creates more rigid erections, even when the pump is not in use.

It’s the most popular penis pump in the world that provide significantly higher pressure levels. It’s best if you’re already used to these devices because these pumps are 35% more powerful. But more customers suspected want that power since this is the best-selling penis pump not just among the Bathmate models.

We recommend the Hydromax Series for men that are serious about increasing penis length and girth and overall sexual performance.

Available in five sizes 3, 5, 7, 7 Wide Boy, and 9, the Hydromax-Series is the next stage of Hydropump evolution.

Bathmate Hydromax


Hydromax Features ...

The Hydromax Series includes a number of distinctive features which make stand out from other types of penis pumps. Some of the most important features are described below.


The Hydromax is water-based – all other penis pumps are air-based. This gives it a variety of advantages, such as more consistent pressure and a more pleasurable pumping experience.

The main component of the Hydromax pumping system is its patented bellows pump. Its bellow pump is powerful and flexible but will withstand heavy use. It is also engineered to be comfortable even when under full pressure.


The highly engineered Hydromax Comfort Pad creates a tight and comfortable seal. It minimizes suction loss, which cuts down on the amount of pumping required.

The outer edge of the pad that touches your body is soft, but the inner tube is firm, which keeps your penis from coming in contact with the bellows system. This also helps keep the testicles from entering the pump. The Comfort Pad is totally removable for quick and easy cleaning.


The specialized valve that controls the flow of water out of the Bathmate Hydromax Series is an innovative and important feature.

It allows users to close the valve while filling the pump, which prevents water from escaping when getting set up for pumping. This makes it easier to use, since the Hydromax can be filled one-handed. The valve also ensures that you don’t over-pump, which helps prevent injuries and maximize results.


Whether you prefer inches or centimeters, the International Measuring Guide will track your gains from pumping.

Tracking your progress will help keep you motivated and committed to your pumping routine!


To select the right size of Hydromax, measure your erect penis and choose the model that is the closest match to your current size. Often users make significant size gains after 60 days of consistent and regular use, then upgrade to the next size up.

  • Bathmate Hydromax3: Designed for men whose penis length doesn’t quite reach 3 inches, even when erect. It’s considered a “micropenis pump” although some men may not appreciate the label. But at least they now have a device specifically meant for that particular penis length.
  • Bathmate Hydromax5: This is another starter model, this time meant for men whose penis length is within 3 to 5 inches when erect. If your penis length is below average, then this is meant to get you up to the average length
  • Bathmate Hydromax7: The high-power penis pump for creating lasting gains. This is basically the more powerful version of the Hydro7. It’s meant for penis lengths between 5 and 7 inches. You’ll get your average penis into the “above average” level, and you’ll achieve this in a relatively shorter time.
  • Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy: What if your problem isn’t about the length of your penis, but about your penis girth instead? This model was designed to specifically address that issue. The Wide Boy can help your penis become thicker to better match your penis length.
  • Bathmate Hydromax9: Suitable for men who already have a penis measuring 7 to 9 inches. Hydromax9 helps develop a stronger erection and real confidence.