The Original Bathmate Pump Range

Bathmate Hydro is perfect for men who want those starting on their workout journey in the bath or shower. The Hydro series offers the ability to increase erection quality, performance, and visible results at first use.

Formerly known as Bathmate Hercules, Bathmate Hydro series has delivered real results for over 1 million users.

Bathmate Hydro

Bathmate Hydro Features ...

The Hydro 7 is the original Bathmate device and has launched over five years ago. This pump engineered, manufactured and marketed by DX products.

Unlike tenderfoots in the market, Hydro7 is a well-established product with years of improvisation and careful design changes made after thousands of customer feedbacks.

With more than 200,000 satisfied users and now available to purchase in more than 70 countries across the world, this classic Bathmate has a reputation built on being comfortable and convenient to use while importantly consistently providing penis health and performance.

The Hydro 7 is a sealed, one-piece system making the device incredibly easy to use and clean. The premium gaiter has designed for comfort, durability and enhanced suction while the Hydro 7 cylinder includes a handy measurement guide along with a simple, safe, and easy to use pressure release located at the end of the device.

This leading penis pump can used in the bath or the shower, and although we recommend the use of warm water for optimum comfort and results, this device can be used without if desired.

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