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Dedicated for micropenis size

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Hydromax3 is the first penis pump specifically designed for those affected by micropenis, giving you the full power of the world’s best-selling penis pumps in a size designed to maximise gains for anyone measuring under 3 inches when erect.

Extra Power

By upgrading new featured from the original range, making this hydropump 250% more effective than any pump in the world

Real Results

The pump shows impressive penis enlargement results. You will see the results of the first time you use it and the second you release

Best Performance

Upgrade to our original-series hydropump, adding a full 35% extra power, while making the pump easier to use in several key ways.

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The Bathmate Hydromax3 Penis Pump is a revolutionary concept in penis development. Including all the features that are typical to range, the X3 is also the first commercially available penis pump that is designed for use with a micro-penis!

Get bigger and better results with the Bathmate Hydromax3! By combining a cutting-edge bellows pump system and a unique vacuum created by water, the Bathmate range are the only medical-grade penis enlargers on the market that can facilitate the growth of your penis through regular use! The patented hydraulic technology is like a gym workout for your magic muscle, serving to increase length and girth with every session!

Due to the consistent nature of hydraulic pressure created by the Bathmaterange of pumps, some guys find that their man-meat increases in girth a lot quicker that it does in length. This is because the surface area is greater around the girth of the penis than the length!

The Bathmate Hydromax3 is designed for people with a micro-penis. If you are between 1 and 3 inches in length and less than 6.5 inches in girth, this is the Bathmate for you! If you need a larger size, be sure to check out the full range. In order to obtain maximum hydraulic pressure, it’s important that the correct size pump is used. Using a pump that is too big results in lower pressure, meaning slower or no growth.

Suitable Size For This Hydromax Range

1 - 3In | 3 - 8cm
In length
And less than
6.5In | 16.5cm
In girth

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