Hydromax 7 Wide Boy

real gains for exceptionally girth users

The newest addition to Bathmate’s Hydromax line, the roomier of Hydromax 7 Wide Boy harnesses the natural suction potential of water in a tub or shower to increase the strength, size, and overall appearance of the penis. Thousands of men who have already enjoyed Bathmate have been pleasantly surprised by the rapid results achieved. With the use of Bathmate we can get the extra length and thickness that we have always wanted.

Wide Boy series was developed for increasing the width of the penis size. This is a perfect choice for men who have penis girth over 6.5 inches (in circumference).


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Hydromax 7 Wide Boy Benefits...

Product Info:

Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy is perfect for thicker men who don’t need the length of the X40 range, but require a thicker model that provides adequate room between the penis and walls of the hydro pump to achieve proper hydraulic pressure for maximum gains in sexual performance. The Hydromax7 Wide Boy unit accommodates girth above 6.5 inches. If you are below this girth, check out the Hydromax7.

Hydromax pump is designed to produce more effective, lasting gains than our original range of hydropump. Hydromax penis pumps have an incredible 92% satisfaction rate, with 75% of users reporting measurable size gains after at least 1 month’s usage (along with 82% seeing a real confidence boost).

This penis pump is for users between 5 to 7 inches in length with an above average girth at 1.9 inches or more in diameter (erect).

The Bathmate Hydromax is a simple to use penis pump – there are no attachments, settings or complex setup instructions allowing you to begin your first enlargement routine the minute you receive your Hydromax delivery.

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